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Our new 14′ Soccer Fun Arena is the ultimate aid in developing soccer skills. ArenaSoccer sets up quickly and provides a safe, visible, fully enclosed practice area.

Arena Soccer is the ultimate aid for for developing soccer skills. It provides children with a safe place to play and develop their skills at home, between practices and games, alone or with their friends. This fully enclosed arena produces more touch with the ball and improves reaction time and eye/foot coordination. It is perfect for both serious soccer players and backyard fun for all. The arena can also be used for street hockey, T-ball, and other games. Click here to find out why kids, parents, and coaches love ArenaSoccer!

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This unique and exciting product is manufactured in the USA and ships out of Arlington, Texas.

Why KIDS love ArenaSoccer

  • A soccer arena in your own back yard! More touches on the ball to master skills faster
  • Dramatically strengthens eye/foot coordination and reaction times

Why PARENTS love ArenaSoccer

  • Ball stays in play doesnt go over the fence, into the street or into a window
  • Gives kids great exercise in a short amount of time
  • Pets don’t interfere with play; children are within view of adult supervision
  • Family activity center! For enclosed play, an eating area, ball-based games
  • Optional, easy-on and off UV-Shade canopy available
  • Easy to move within the backyard

Why COACHES love ArenaSoccer

  • Ball stays in play. . .less chasing, more touches
  • Develops quick footwork and ball control
  • Sets Up Quickly for Non-Stop Fun
  • Provides a Safe, Visible, Fully Enclosed Play Area
  • Perfect for Individual or Group Play
  • Field Tested Concepts with Hundreds of Youth in Past 3 Years
  • Recommended for 3 Years and Older
  • Can be Used for Hockey, or other Games
  • Built with Proven Trampoline Technology
  • Footprint Area in Garden Similar to that of Standard Trampoline

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