Oval Pod 11.5×8 Trampoline Mat


OvalPod 11.5×8 Foot Trampoline Mat- Bed.

These trampoline mats are made from the highest quality American Polypropylene Permatron material.

This mat is designed to fit the

OvalPod 11.5′ x 8′ Trampoline

Please note the 11.5×8′ foot refers to the frame size measured across the trampoline from the outer frame to the outer frame.

Please be very careful when ordering your matt as we have a 20% restocking fee plus freight if the wrong mat is ordered.

If in doubt regarding size please contact us.

NZ$15.00 (North Island)    NZ$12.50 (South Island)    NZ$20.00 (Rural – North)    NZ$17.50 (Rural – South)