Primus Premium 14×10 Rectangular Commercial Inground Trampoline.


 Primus Premium 14×10 Rectangular-commercial in-ground Trampoline

Commercial grade, European built, super strong in-ground trampoline designed for heavy use in commercial settings  such as schools, hotels, family attractions or fun-parks. Conforms to safety standard EN1176

It is also used for rehabilitation therapy.  Used by beginners to top athletes.   Its top feature, the innovative AkroVent jumping mat, provides high-performance jumping and maximum safety. The unobtrusive flush-to ground design allows Primus to elegantly blend in with the surroundings.


Flush-to-ground design
The flush-to-ground model of trampolines will make any garden look sensational! PRIMUS blends perfectly into the landscape of the garden. Suitable for beginners and advanced jumpers, it is also wheelchair accessible and has proven to be especially effective in rehabilitation therapy. With this design there is no need for safety net, but for those wanting to feel safer we offer corner, half and full enclosures.

AkroVent perforated jumping mat
Our developing team took the PRIMUS design to a whole different level with its top feature – ventilating jumping mat which leaves the frame pads securely attached preventing annoying pad lifting and slapping noise. Ventilating air through the jumping mat instead on the sides makes PRIMUS not only quieter but also safer to use.

Akrobat PRIMUS 14×10
Dimensions: 300 x 430 cm
No. / length of springs: 104 / 21,5 cm
Safety pad thickness: 30 mm
Trampoline height: 25 cm
Max. weight: 130 kg
Safety net height*: 180 cm

From German steel to Italian springs, our trampolines are built using only the highest quality European materials.

Delivery is usually 4 to 5 working days.   New Zealand only. We will contact you with an accurate shipping cost once we know your location.