Tanita BC-587 Class Plus, Innerscan

$249.99 $179.00

THE TANITA BC-587 Class PLUS Innerscan 200kg

BC-587 Class Plus InnerScan
This is an evolution of the original fabulous top-selling BC-543. This upgrade version now sports a long sort after 200kg high weight capacity with an easy to read back-lit display.

The details…
“Basic” TANITA Monitor features:

  • Bodyfat %
  • Body water %
  • Healthy Range Indicator – are you at high or low risk of serious disease?
  • Weight Only Mode – quick, without BIA scan
  • Guest Mode – measure your friends!
  • 4 personal user files
  • Recall – immediate previous measure
  • Athlete mode


Advanced InnerScan full Body Composition Analysis features:

  • Muscle Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Metabolic Age – How old are you physically? – This measure has generated the most interest. People want to be “physically young” for their age!
  • Bone Mass / weight (calculated estimate only)
  • Children’s Healthy Ranges – patented world exclusive TANITA feature, are your kids healthy?
  • Physique Rating – 1 to 9 descriptive scale. (refer to manual for ‘body-types’).
  • Visceral Fat Rating – the dangerous fat around your belly – below 12 you are at less risk, 13 and above you are at increased health risk of serious diseases or premature death.
  • InnerScan Dual Frequency Technology – Exclusively Tanita – enables advanced body composition analysis

Technical Specifications:

  • Body Fat Percentage Increments: 0.1 %
  • Colour: Grey / Silver
  • Electrodes: 4
  • Memories: 4
  • Power Supply: 4 x AA, supplied
  • Display: Blue back-light.
  • Size of Display: 32 mm. Large, single line, easy read.
  • Total Body Water Percentage Increments: 0.1%
  • Weight Capacity: 150 kg
  • Weight Increments: 100 g (0.1kg)
  • Measuring current: Dual: 50kHz; 6.25kHz; 500uA
  • NZ Warranty: 1 year.

NZ$14.00 (North Island)    NZ$12.00 (South Island)    NZ$20.00 (Rural – North)    NZ$18.00 (Rural – South)